Hiring Agents

Looking For Full Service Help Getting Quality Talent?

We can help. Our network of job hunters is here to help you get a network of quality candidates far reaching part our online network.

For upfront fees and success rates (on a case by case basis) there are full service agency packages to reach out and find that perfect candidate.

Here is the basic process:

* Gather your requirements – let’s learn what you are looking for. The more details and examples we can better serve you.
* Example batch of resumes – we will do some analysis and give you some ideas of what we think you are looking for. Based on your feedback we can reach out to those and find more, or tweak our search and find a different profile target.
* Arrange phone interviews – Once you pick a group of candidates you like, our team will help you to arrange the time for the phone call.
* Arrange in person interviews – Once you’re happy with the narrowed down “short list” we can help you get a meeting room (in the country you are hiring) and arrange the meeting times. Come in and get things rolling, interviewing them with you and your own team. We want you to have full control and flexibility on making it happen.
* Invite the remaining few to your office – once you are ready to call them back for a second interview, we can assist or let you take care of it on your own. We will keep up to date with the progress the candidates are going through and help make the process as smooth as possible.

Interested in getting started? We’d love to work with you – contact us and let’s get the ball rolling.