How It Works

Learn how the Global From Asia job directory works.

Wondering how to use the Global From Asia job directory? We have both sides explained below, so are you a employer or a candidate? Then we can help explain itto you!

Looking to Hire? List With Us!

You will signup for a recruiter account, and post your opportunity. We may announce it on our podcast and blog to help drive a new channel of applicants to your opportunity.

Don’t worry if you posted this elsewhere, we don’t need exclusivity – we want to be a new channel of applicants to your growing Asia based business.

Steps To List Your Job on The Directory

Register and login to the job site as an Employer – Employer will have to Register and login on Job site as an Employer to perform functionalities as privileged.

Manage Company Profile – Employer have to setup its complete company profile so that it can be searched by candidate to apply for job. See Manage Profile section to configure employee company profile

Post A New Job – JobCareer Theme comes with the marvelous feature where employers (recruiters) can add jobs in glimpse of steps. Visit Post a new Job section to post a new job

Buy Job And Cv Packages – Employer can buy packages for jobs while posting a new job and cv packages when admin restricts access to candidates profile. See Buy cv packages section to find out how employer can buy cv packages?

Shortlist Candidates – Candidates and cv will be shortlisted by employee. Visit shortlist candidate section to find out how employer can shortlist candidates?

Configure Your Company Profile

Now you can set up your company profile to drive ambitious candidates to your profile.

Add Company Information (Logo, Cover, Name, Specialisms etc.)
Add Social Network Links (Facebook, twitter, Linked in, Google+)
Enter Contact Information (Phone , Website, Location)
Add Extra Information i-e Business type, Team size, Est. Since

Post The Job (Details Are As Follows)

Enter Job Title, description, Email Address and Username
Select Job Type (Freelance, Full time, internship, part time, temporary, volunteer)
Select Specialism (Accountancy, Banking etc.)
Select Offered Salary Range (Admin will setup salary range and employer can select as per his requirements.)
Determine Career Level (Manager, Officer, Executive etc.)
Select Experience, Gender, Industry, Qualification as per job specifications.
Enter Location (Country, City, Complete Address) for job’s location
Find on Map (Latitude, Longitude) field will help you search location on Map

Select The Package You’d Like (Yes, We Have Free Option)

Once you create the job, you choose the package you would like. We have a free version, don’t worry. But of course, we welcome (and encourage) you to use our value add services like featured and full service help getting a candidate with our network of agents.

Our Team Reviews Your Job Listing

We want to ensure that all the jobs posted on our job board are quality and vetted. Our admin team will receive a notification that you have submitted your job listing and will review it. We aim to get it approved same day, but as we grow it may take a bit longer. Your patience is appreciated!

Once Approved – Share To Your Network

Now, get this job opportunity out to the world. We will do so too, but it helps for you to get things rolling by sharing the live (after we approved it of course) listing. Social media, email it out, refer your friends. The more exposure, the more chances to find quality candidates. We will also be watching for traction and stickiness on your job post and may highlight and feature it on our blogs and podcasts.

Any questions, as an employer?, please let us know!
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Looking For a Job In China, Hong Kong, or Other Parts of Asia? Here You Go!

So, this side of the job board I am really passionate about. You’re a hustler, you want to make some big moves in your life and get a new career track here in Asia. I have talked to quite a few of you in email and I wanted to help you more.

Now we can.

Signup and list your CV (resume) on the job board. Check back regularly for new alerts. Or subscribe to our newsletter and we will take highlighted jobs right to your inbox.

Have a specific type of job you are looking for, and not seeing it listed? Let’s talk, and we may be able to approach some people in our network about opportunities.

Changing lives, for the better, and providing equal opportunity to people around the world. Really suits Global From Asia’s mission and vision.

Creating A Candidate Job Account

Enter Username
Enter Your Email
Select Specification
Add Phone Number
Configure Captcha
Click on Sign Up button to get registered on the Job Directory site. All Done!

* Your password will be sent to you on the email provided while signup!

Configure Your Job Seeker Profile

Now it is time to make a complete profile. We have a score of up to 100% for filling out the details fully and completely – so take the tie to do so!

Some of the information is below:

Add Personal Information (Name, Job Title, Minimum salary, Specialisms, description)
Add Social Network Links (Facebook, twitter, Linked in, Google+)
Enter Contact Information (Phone , Website, Location)
Add Extra Information i-e Experience, Age, Current salary etc…

By filling this out and having everything ready, when an employer reviews your profile and CV they will be able to see you are a detail oriented and serious candidate! If you need help, we provide valuable services to help you improve your listing and improve your chances of being selected during the vetting process, let us know!

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Hope this helped you – and get you ready to register for your free account today – just make sure you pick the right account type – employer or candidate!